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This article is about the toy figure items. For the ingame (digital) items, see Items.

Magic Items are toy figures that assist the Skylanders in-game. They can be used by placing them on the Portal of Power. Only one item can be active at the same time.

Use on Console

On the console, the items can be activated by placing them on the portal while playing. They will activate instantly and while they have a limited duration, they can be removed from the portal to save the remainder of the time for later in the chapter. When changing or resetting levels, the duration of the items is refreshed.

The adventure pack figures do not have a duration, but can be used once per level to deal 999 damage to all enemies on the screen.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, all of the Magic Items, including the Adventure Pack and Battle Pack figures, become Legendary Treasures that can be placed anywhere at the Skylanders Academy either for display purposes or to obtain more gold by hitting them or pressing the button to interact.

In the Racing part of Skylanders: SuperChargers, some of the Magic Items are used as in-game objects for speed boosts, invulnerability, healing, etc.

Use on 3DS

In the 3DS version, the items are 'registered' with Wendel, Hugo, or Flynn. They can then be activated an unlimited number of times by pressing the R button. However, each use costs a set amount of radiance crystals or coins.

The adventure pack figures are only used to unlock the corresponding realm in the 3DS version.

Use in Webgame

The items only serve to fill the player's Collection, however registering enough items will result in gaining a Medal as well as a minor gold bonus.

List of Magic Items

Name Pack Abilities
Anvil Rain Empire of Ice Rains anvils all over the area to damage enemies.
Arkeyan Crossbow Arkeyan Crossbow A crossbow will follow the Skylander and shoot arrows at enemies.
Battle Hammer Tower of Time Aids the Skylander by smashing the ground whenever a Skylander attacks, dealing more damage.
Darklight Crypt Darklight Crypt Gives access to the Darklight Crypt.
Dragon Peak Dragon's Peak Gives access to the Dragon's Peak.
Dragonfire Cannon/ Golden Dragonfire Cannon  Dragonfire Cannon A cannon will follow the Skylander and shoot blasts of fire at enemies.
Empire of Ice Empire of Ice Gives access to the Empire of Ice.
Fiery Forge Fiery Forge A cauldron will follow the Skylander and spill lava on enemies.
Ghost Pirate Swords Pirate Seas Console: Help defeat enemies.
3DS: Increases attack power.
Groove Machine Sheep Wreck Island Makes certain enemies vulnerable by making them dance.
Hand of Fate/ Legendary Hand of Fate Nightmare Express Delivers a heavy amount of damage and stuns enemies it bashes on.
Healing Elixir Darklight Crypt Heals Skylanders.
Hidden Treasure/ Platinum Treasure Chest Pirate Seas Console: Reveals location of hidden treasure chest.
3DS: Helps collect radiance (Spyro's Adventure), coins (Giants), or gems (Swap Force and Trap Team).
Midnight Museum Midnight Museum Gives access to the Midnight Museum.
Mirror of Mystery Mirror of Mystery Gives access to the Mirror of Mystery.
Nightmare Express Nightmare Express Gives access to the Nightmare Express.
Piggy Bank Nightmare Express Follows Skylanders everywhere while making money rain down after enemies are defeated.
Pirate Seas Pirate Seas Gives access to the Pirate Seas.
Platinum Sheep Sheep Wreck Island The sheep statue will temporarily turn the Skylander into a sheep. Enemies won't attack the Skylander in sheep from.
Rocket Ram Mirror of Mystery A bunch of Rocket Rams fall from the sky, exploding on the ground.
Scorpion Striker Scorpion Striker A catapult will follow the Skylander and lob mines at enemies.
Sheep Wreck Island Sheep Wreck Island Gives Access to the Sheep Wreck Island.
Sky Diamond Tower of Time Enemies defeated will release a shower of diamonds that are worth multiple coins.
Sky-Iron Shield Empire of Ice Raises the Skylander's armor for a while.
Sparx the Dragonfly Dragon's Peak Breathes fire at enemies.
Sunscraper Spire Sunscraper Spire Gives access to the Sunscraper Spire.
Tiki Speaky Mirror of Mystery Shoots down a lightning bolt and delivers a heavy amount of damage to enemies
Time Twister Hourglass Darklight Crypt Slows down time for everything but the Skylander.
Tower of Time Tower of Time Gives Access to the Tower of Time.
UFO Hat Special Offer Unlocks the UFO Hat.
Volcanic Vault Special Offer Console: Unlocks the Volcanic Vault battle arena. Also creates a rain of fire.
3DS: Cannot be used.
Winged Boots Dragon's Peak Makes the Skylander go faster.

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