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Legendary Spyro is the Legendary counterpart of Spyro, exclusive to the original Toys' R' Us Legendary Pack (with Legendary Chop Chop and Legendary Bash). (more)

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Skylanders Giants Something Big is Coming!01:47

Skylanders Giants Something Big is Coming!

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“We can go swimming, we can go to the lava pits, or we can go fishing... no that's kinda weird though since you're a fish.”
    —Spyro, Skylanders: The Beginning trailer

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September 19, 2017/ Update
Season 2 of Skylanders Academy will premiere on October 6th on Netflix.

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Are you a big Skylanders collector? Want a First4Figures collectible statue of Skylanders Spyro? Facebook users can now vote for one by joining the First4Figures Official Collector's Club and voting yes on the poll. Only the yes votes matter, and the admins are paying no attention to the no votes. The poll never closes either! 386 yes votes to go before we reach 700!

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