The Midnight Museum is an Expansion Pack in Skylanders: Trap Team. It focuses on the Dark element, and comes with the Dark Trap Master, Knight Mare, and a Dark Trap.

The Midnight Musuem is a museum of Darkness that exhibits many omnious artifacts, including the prized Dark Eye of Tomorrow. It is guarded by Spyclopters, which will transport the Skylander to the nearest drop area if they are caught. The Dark Doom Raider, Nightshade, threatens to steal the Dark Eye from the heavily guarded museum and use it to steal everything in Skylands.

Elemental Gates

Areas to Find

  • The Night Tower
  • Bumper Range
  • Joyia's Athenaeum
  • The Night Sky Walk
  • Flipper Reach
  • The Hall of Trials
  • The Firefly Gardens
    • Element - Water
      • Aylis' Archane Archive
        • Element - Magic
  • The Eventide Walk
  • The North Star Tower
  • Multi-Ball Expanse
      • Light Elemental Zone
        • Element - Light
  • The Dark Vault
  • The Lower Gardens

Wanted Villains

Villain Element
Nightshade Villain Icon Nightshade DarkSymbolSkylanders

3DS Levels

Midnight Museum

The Midnight Museum is attacked by The Darkness, threatening its Forgotten Relics. The Skylander has to recover the Forgotten Relics while surviving the dark-infested museum.




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