Mods are collectible vehicle parts in Skylanders: SuperChargers and Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing. They are a primary way to customize vehicles, altering their appearance and slightly modifying their stats. Normally, only SuperChargers are able to change mods, but in Skylanders: Imaginators, mods can be changed by any Skylander.

In SuperChargers, each vehicle has four mod sets, each consisting of a performance mod and a specialty mod. One mod set is the standard mod set, one is the SuperCharged mod set unlocked by its signature pilot, while the remaining two are split up into their individual parts and found in red toolboxes. The toolboxes can be found in the vehicle areas of each chapter, or alternatively be earned through completing Races.

In SuperChargers Racing, each vehicle has four mod sets, but unlike the main game, they do not have individual parts. One is the standard mod set, one is the SuperCharged mod set available only to its signature pilot, one is unlocked by leveling the vehicle, and the final one is unlocked by a chest in one of the story mode tours.


  • Sometimes a glitch may occur, making it impossible to select certain mods, despite them being collected and appearing in the blueprints tab. To solve this, the player has to claim ownership of the vehicle and reload it by removing and placing it back on the Portal of Power. After that, the mods can be freely changed again.
    • This issue always happens when a Vehicle was used in SuperChargers Racing before and is used in SuperChargers again.

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