Mount Cloudbreak is the beginning level in Skylanders: Swap Force. The Skylanders have to navigate through the Cloudbreak Volcano to escape their pursuers. Afterwards they are tasked with saving the villagers of Woodburrow from a Greeble attack.


  • Get to Woodburrow

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • The Overgrowth
    • Element: Fire
  • Trapping Pit
    • Element: Fire
  • Tangled Thicket
    • Element: None
  • Canopy Hot Springs
    • Element: Water
  • Prickly Pastures
  • Old Treetop Terrace
  • Forest Flyby
    • Element: None
  • Honey Trove
    • Element: Earth
  • Long Horn Hollow
  • Bulwark Overlook
    • Element: Water
  • Canopy Cave
    • Element: Earth
  • Gold Hewn Basin
  • Knotted Heights
    • Element: Water
  • Woodburrow Landing

SWAP Zones

  • Forest Flyby
    • SWAP ability: Rocket
  • Tree Top Jaunt
    • SWAP ability: Climb
  • Spiky Pit
    • SWAP ability: Dig

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Mostly Magic Mirror

Bonus Mission Map

  • Fruit Fight

Soul Gem


  • Stovepipe Hat
  • Greeble Hat
  • Life Preserver Hat

Story Scroll

  • Magical Pyrotechnics
Swap Force
Cloudbreak Islands (World) - Woodburrow (Hub) - Skylands (3DS World) - Boom Town (3DS Hub)

Main Chapters
Mount Cloudbreak - Cascade Glade - Mudwater Hollow - Rampant Ruins - Jungle Rumble - Iron Jaw Gulch
Motleyville - Twisty Tunnels - Serpent's Peak - Boney Islands - Winter Keep - Frostfest Mountains
Mesmeralda's Show - Fantasm Forest - Kaos' Fortress - Motherly Mayhem - Cloudbreak Core
3DS Chapters
Sky Docks - Spooky Woods - Toadstool Terrace - Fountain Springs - The Fuel Machine
Shimmer Shard Shire - Crystal Caverns - Twilight Fortress - Above the Sea - Robot Factory
Robot Assembly Center - Samurai Springs - Bonsai Bay - Fire Flow Valley - The Party Town
Down the River - The Haunted Villa - Clockwork Castle - Clockwork Arena

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