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The Mushroom River is the second chapter in Skylanders: Imaginators. Gill Grunt, Stealth Elf and Eruptor accompany the player as Storytellers in this level. It is a river flowing with highly poisonous water, as well as blooming with bioluminescent mushrooms and plants.


  • Find the River
  • Survive the Tilting Ships
  • Complete the Water Pipe
  • Push the Cannonballs
  • Reach the End of the River

Areas to Find

  • Mushroom Hollow
    • Element: Air
      • Mushroom Room
  • Old Mill
  • River Raft Junction
  • Pirate Hideout
  • River Mist Apartments
  • Rolling Barrel Bay
  • Lilypad Lagoon - Sensei
  • Sunken Schooner Docks - Sensei
  • Bugwood Banks
  • Whitewater Plunge
  • Toadstool Landing

Sensei Shrines

  • Ninja

New Enemies


Skylands (World) - Skylanders Academy (Hub) - M.A.P. (Overworld Hub)

Main Chapters
Cradle of Creation - Mushroom River - Scholarville - Shellmont Shores - Sky Fortress - Fizzland
The Golden Arcade - Dragon Temple - Abandoned Amusement Park - The Lair of Kaos
Sensei Elemental Realms
Air - Dark - Earth - Fire - Life - Light - Magic - Tech - Undead - Water
Additional Levels
Battle Arena - Rat Kingdom - The Battleship - Calamity City/Trouble Town
Mausoleum of Madness/Danger Dungeon - Battlefield Blitz/Operation: More War

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