Episode 2 title
Master Eon
: I've gathered for you for a mission of utmost importance, so vital that the future of the academy relies on nothing short of absolute success.

Eruptor: I hope it's Arkeyan robots. I hate those things.
Spyro: Nah, Drow Elves.
Eruptor: Robots!
Spyro: Drow elves.
Eruptor: Robots!
Spyro: Elves!
Hugo: SHEEP!
Stealth Elf: Well, I hope it's Kaos. I still have frost in my ears from when he tried to freeze us.
Master Eon: No, Skylanders, this time your foe is different, but no less formidable. It is... the basement pipes. They are being attacked by a clog of beard hair. Not mine.
Spyro: Uh, we're unclogging pipes?
Master Eon: Yes. Before they explode and the basement is fraught with minor flooding, resulting in a dastardly plumbing bill! What are you waiting for? Hurry, Skylanders!
Jet-Vac: You heard the man. Up to your feet, people! We've got plum-bing to do. Hm, plum-bing. Is that right? I know there's a "B" in there. Anyway... Go, go, go! What's the matter, Spyro? Are you too good to clean some pipes?
Spyro: What? No, I'm not too good to clean. It's just... [sighs] It's just that after battling Kaos and all the other threats that threaten Skylands, this mission kind of seems a little... basic?
Jet-Vac: Well, being a Skylander doesn't just mean fighting bad guys every second of every day. We provide many essential services to Skylands, great and small. And sometimes that means money-saving plum-bing missions. That still sounds weird.
Spyro: Yeah, 'cause it's a soft "B", Jet-Vac. [stammering] It's "plum-ming". Tou don't say the "B". It's... it's not a crum-buh. It's a crumb. And it's fine. I get your point.
Jet-Vac: You better get it, bcause it's high time you learn to do things the Skylander way!
Spyro: So is this the Skylander way, huh? Also, did you have a mouse for breakfast? Do you have any idea how pungent those things are? They... they smell worse on the way out, by the way.
Jet-Vac: Move!

[main theme plays]

[steam hissing]
Jet-Vac: Okay, what we have here is a category eight clog. Haven't seen one of these since the Great Back Hair Crisis of ought-six. If this thing blows, all of the academy's plumbing will be disabled for hours! Maybe even a whole day.

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