Noodles is an Ice Ogre who lives in Glacier Gully in Skylanders: Giants.

He returned as a SuperVillain racer in SuperChargers and Imaginators, piloting a Sea vehicle.


Growing up, Noodles loved to run outside during hail storms and try to catch ice blocks on his tongue. He never succeeded, but did manage to take many falling ice blocks to the head. Since he didn't wear a helmet during these situations, it led to a steep drop in Noodles's general brain functionality.[1]

Skylanders: Giants

After Machine Ghost was left in Glacier Gully by Ermit, Noodles and the other Snowclopses believed that Machine Ghost's robot body was the "Great Evil Ice Master", something that Machine Ghost described Noodles as being 'crazy' for. After the Skylander rescued the robot body, the Machine Ghost slammed Noodles when he tried to talk to the robot.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Noodles appeared as the main antagonist of the Nightmare Express adventure pack level.


  • Noodles is one of the three villains who first appeared in Giants to return in Trap Team, the others being the Chompy Mage and Bone Chompy. Unlike the two, Noodles is not trappable.


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