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Onk Beakman, also known by his real name, Cavan Scott, (born 17 April 1973) is a freelance author, journalist and editor best known for his work on a variety of spin-offs from the BBC Television series Doctor Who. He has also written a number of books based upon the BBC Television series Countryfile and Planet Dinosaur.

He is also the author of a range of children's books based on the Skylanders series, including the book series of Skylanders: Mask of Power. In the Skylanders universe, he is depicted as a penguin.

Skylanders Biography

Onk Beakman knew he wanted to be a world-famous author from the moment he was hatched. In fact, the book-loving penguin was so keen that he wrote his first novel, while still inside his egg (to this day, nobody is entirely sure where he got the tiny pencil and notebook from). Growing up on the icy wastes of Skylands' Frozen Desert was difficult for a penguin who hated the cold. While his brothers plunged into the freezing waters, Onk could be found with his beak in a book and a pen clutched in his flippers.

Yet his life changed forever when a giant floating head appeared in the skies above the tundra. It was Kaos, attempting to melt the icecaps so he could get his grubby little hands on an ancient weapon buried beneath the snow. Onk watched open-beaked as Spyro swept in and sent the evil Portal Master packing. From that day on, Onk knew that he must chronicle the Skylanders' greatest adventures. He traveled the length and breadth of Skylands, collecting every tale he could find about Master Eon's brave champions.

Today, Onk writes from a shack on the beautiful sands of Blistering Beach, where he lives with his two pet sea cucumbers.[1]

List of Books



  1. Skylanders: Spyro versus The Mega Monsters, About the Author

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