The Outlands is an area beyond the corners of Skylands. It is a desolate, lonely and unforgiving place, devoid of any life.[1] Villains and other evildoers are commonly banished here, and many dangerous creatures lurk within.

It was first mentioned in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure as Kaos was banished to the Outlands before his return. Castle Blackthrone, at the Lair of Kaos used to reside in this area before it was destroyed between the first and second games, and Rumbletown, the town where Ermit lives in and Brock used to host arena battles, is also part of this region.


  • High Volt used to patrol this region.
  • In some areas of Lair of Kaos, it is possible to have a glimpse of the scenery below. Its platforms are connected to the surface of a bigger island by glowing beacons, and said island appears to have strange blue volcanos.
  • Ermit lives in the Outlands in a lush jungle area of Rumbletown, despite the description of the region as devoid of life.
  • In the novel Stump Smash Crosses the Bone Dragon, Kaos mentions the Outlands having saber-toothed sheep as he banished General Disaster there.


  1. Skylanders 2015 Annual, page 26

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