Pirate Seas is an Adventure Pack chapter in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders: Giants that can only played by purchasing the Pirate Seas Adventure Pack. This expansion pack includes Terrafin, a pirate ship that unlocks the level, and two Magic Items, Hidden Treasure and Ghost Pirate Swords.

In the Wii version, once Kaos has been defeated, a Gillman with a pirate card minigame will appear next to the docked ship in the Ruins. The deck that you play with will always be random. The reward for playing the first time is 100 treasure. Afterwards, it is always 10 treasure.

The Skylanders are brought to the Pirate Seas by Jess LeGrand to help rid her home, the Coconut Islands, of the Pirates, who've taken over the town looking for treasures.




Jess LeGrand has come to the Ruins seeking the help of a Skylander to free her home, the Coconut Islands, which is under occupation of a group of pirates. A Skylander goes with Jess to free the islands. The Skylander is informed by Jess that the Pirates love cards and will take any opportunity to show off their ability to play, or rather cheat, including the promise of freedom for the Mabu.

By playing and beating the pirates, physically and at cards, the Skylander is able to push the Pirates off of the Coconut Islands, but at a price: the Pirates have already plundered the islands for all their worth and Captain Dreadbeard has already taken Jess hostage. Using a cannon, the Skylander is able to incapacitate the ships and take back the treasure.

Next, the Ship Master takes the Skylander to the pirates' island hideout, Plunder Island; but the Pirate fortress is heavily guarded, resulting in a sea-to-land battle (with return-fire from land). Once all the defenses on the island are destroyed, the Skylander plays Captain Dreadbeard in a final card game with Jess as the prize, which the Skylander wins. Dreadbeard allows Jess and the Skylander to go, but warns that he'll be back someday.



  • Although this and the Darklight Crypt were the first two Adventure packs to be released, Empire of Ice (which was the third released Adventure pack) was listed in-game as the first chapter of the Adventure packs, while the Pirate Seas and Darklight Crypt were listed as the 2nd and 3rd chapters.
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