“Straight to the Point!”
    —Pop Thorn's official catchphrase

Pop Thorn is a pufferthorn who is one of the two Air Skylanders in Skylanders: Swap Force. He is part of the Tower of Time Adventure Pack, but is also available in a single pack.



Pop Thorn is sweetness and light until something ruffles his spines. Nothing needles him more than being taken for granted. He doesn't let anyone walk all over him, and ensures that his foes get the point.[1]


Pop Thorn hails from a race of creatures known as Pufferthorns. Often considered one of the cutest creatures in all of Skylands, they are generally quite timid and puff out sharp spines when scared. It is this ability that long ago led to the unfortunate legacy of being used as combs by giant trolls everywhere, being the sharp spines are perfect for brushing out tangles from their long, matted hair. But not long ago, one Pufferthorn took a stand. Tired of his race being used for nothing more than good grooming, Pop Thorn used his naturally thorny abilities to stand up and fight back against the giant trolls. Soon after, Master Eon made Pop Thorn a Skylander. And to this day, no trolls dare to comb their hair.



Of all the species in Skylands, Pufferthorns are among the cutest. Unfortunately for them, they're also the best suited to brushing the tangles out of troll hair. For centuries, Pufferthorns accepted their lot as troll hair-care products, until Pop Thorn decided enough was enough. He stood up to the brutes, using his spiky fighting skills to teach them a lesson. Trolls no longer use Pufferthorns as combs, and brave Pop Thorn is now the most adorable member of the Skylanders.[2]


Pop Thorn can inflate himself to a large size, and shoot homing spikes at enemies while inflated. Pop Thorn can also deflate himself and shoot blasts of wind while popped. While deflated, Pop Thorn's third attack allows him to create wind traps which explode when enemies are near, when he is deflated. While inflated, Pop Thorn's third attack lets him smash enemies with his spiky body.




Battle Cries

  • "Straight to the Point!"
  • "You've hit the point of no return!
  • "Popping up!"
  • "A thorn in your side."
  • "Puffing along."
  • "A clear cut success."
  • "Pointing the way."
  • "Point of Fact: You lose."
  • " A cool place to stick around."
  • "Nice haul."
  • "I'll take it."
  • "Razor sharp."
  • "Power blast!"
  • "Full power!"
  • "Sharp as a Tack!" - when checking out stats
  • "Scoring major points."
  • "Not a bad look for me." - When wearing a hat
  • "I'm looking pretty sharp."
  • "I can roll with this name." - after receiving a new nickname
  • "Rolls right off the tongue."

Media Quotes

  • "Agghh! These cards are AWFUL!"- The Card Game Short Cut
  • "Yes! I do have a two! And a four and a king and a queen- maybe they're married."

Character Trailers

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  • Pop Thorn resembles a pufferfish.
  • When not puffed, Pop Thorn looks similar to a dragon.
  • Pop Thorn was very popular with the younger demographic during the development of Swap Force. Because of this, Vicarious Visions had to preserve his theme and play style while making him very easy to play.[3]
  • He and Pop Fizz are the only Skylanders that have "Pop" in their names.
    • Coincidentally, they both also have two changeable forms and were voiced by two American stand-up comedians.
  • His name is a play on the food "popcorn."
    • Coincidentally, his Lost Islands alter ego, Buttered Pop Thorn, is based on popcorn.
  • Soon after Pop Thorn was born, the Pufferthorns held a competition to find the cutest baby. The entries were all so adorable that every single one of them tied for first place. Except, that is, for Pop Thorn, who came second. Even back then, it seems, there was a hint of danger about him that was not present in other Pufferthorns.[4]
  • Pop Thorn's single pack toy figure has a completely different mold and is more vibrant in color compared his toy figure in the Tower of Time adventure pack. 
  • He makes squeaky noises whenever he walks.
  • Pop Thorn is mostly portrayed in his Puffed form.
  • Pop Thorn is a bit similar to Wrecking Ball, both are blue, small, roundish, and have a cute appearance.
  • He was originally called Gasteroid.[5]
  • Whenever Pop Thorn changes from Pop to Puff form and vice versa, the resulting transformation can deal damage, but this is not mentioned in the upgrades.
  • Pop Thorn, Blades and Free Ranger are the only Air Skylanders who can't fly in-game.
  • As seen in the Skylanders Short Cuts, Pop Thorn puffs up when he bluffs.
  • On the 3DS, the art of Puffed Pop Thorn will switch to a picture of his Popped form, not seen anywhere else, when switched.
  • His Soul Gem Ability title, "To Puff or Not to Puff," is a joke on the popular Shakespeare quote, "To be or not to be".
  • Pop Thorn and Blades share some similarities with each other:
    • They are both Air element Skylanders.
    • They are both quadrupedal creatures.
    • They both have protection on their bodies (Pop Thorn's spikes and Blades' bladed armor).
    • Both of their Soul Gems are found in the first level of their respective games.
    • They both come in Adventure Packs (Tower of Time for Pop Thorn and Nightmare Express for Blades) that are available in the first wave.


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