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Portal of Power


Role: Transporter
World: Earth
Attacks/Actions: Transports Skylanders
First Release: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

The Portal of Power is a pedestal used to transport the Skylanders, who are frozen as toys in our world, into the world of Skylands, connecting to the player's console of choice and bringing the toys to life in the game.

The portal was redesigned in Skylanders: Swap Force, and a new version dubbed the Traptanium Portal was created for Skylanders: Trap Team.


A Portal of Power can also be used as a viewer, giving Portal Masters the ability to seek out evil doers -- allowing the Skylanders to know exactly where to go. In Skylands, the Portal of Power serves as a transport pedestal to take the Skylanders to other areas or distances through the power of a Portal Master.

How to Use

To bring the toys into the game of Skylanders, you'll need the Portal of Power. You'll simply place the toy in the center of the Portal and instantly the character will appear in-game. This circular device glows different colors according to the elements of the characters and has the ability to recognize two characters placed on it at once to allow for multiplayer co-op or PvP battles.

The Portal of Power is included with the game and each one is compatible with some consoles.

Portal Compatibility for Consoles

The Xbox 360 portal will only work on an Xbox 360. The 3DS portal is universal and will work on any system except an Xbox 360. The PS3 and Wii have the same portal and will be interchangeable; they can also work with the PC version. The PC portal will only work on the PC version of the game.

Portal of Power glitch

A Portal of Power in all but the 3DS version have a glitch where if the Portal is running and players hold the off button, the Portal still lets LightCore figures glow. Once the player let goes of the off the button, the LightCore turns off. It also works on the 3DS SWAP Force portal.

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  • The symbol of the Shattering Sigil is embedded on the side of the Portal of Power.
  • The dramatic, ethereal music that plays when the Portal of Power is empty is an epically slowed-down version of music that would normally play on that level.
  • The console SWAP Force Portal of Power has the symbol of each element. Also, if you look at the edge of the windows on the sides, you could see the symbols from the first portal.
  • In Killer Instinct for XBOX One, during the Ultra combo music on Glacius's stage "Crash Site", you'll hear a sound that sounds like after putting a Skylander on the Portal of Power in Spyro's Adventure, Giants, or Trap Team.
  • Many Skylanders refer to the action of being placed on the Portal of Power as "Booming." This also applies to the villains in Trap Team.
  • According to Glumshanks in Skylanders: Giants, Portal Masters should not use the Portal of Power on themselves, as it will cause them extreme pain when transporting between realms.
  • In some stores, larger versions of the Portal of Power can be seen. It plays previews of the Skylander placed, as well as the current game's storyline.

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