“The Beam is Supreme!”
    —Prism Break's official catchphrase

Prism Break is a crystal rock golem Skylander in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. His Series 3 counterpart is named Hyper Beam Prism Break.



Prism Break used to be a frightening rock golem who didn't like to be bothered. After being buried underground for 100 years in a cave-in, he gains a change of heart when a Mabu mining expedition freed him, and Prism Break dedicated himself in protecting the Mabu tribe and Skylands. While not as cranky as before, he still prefers his own company and keeps to himself until needed, although he's quick to use his precious gem-powered abilities to protect Skylands from attack.[1]


Prism Break was once a fearsome rock golem who didn’t like to be disturbed. Then, an accidental cave-in left him buried underground. One hundred years later, a mining expedition digging for valuable jewels discovered him by chance with a well-placed blow from a pick axe – something Prism Break doesn’t talk about. After 100 years of solitude, he found that the pressure of the earth had transformed him emotionally as well as physically, turning his crude rocky arms into incredible gems with powerful energy. Grateful for being free of his earthly prison, Prism Break decided to put his new abilities to good use and dedicated himself to protecting Skylands.



Prism Break was a fearsome Rock Golem who inhabited dark, dangerous places deep underground. But embedded in the rocky walls of Prism Break's home was a dragon's hoard of gems, jewels and sparkly stones that no miner could resist. Few returned unscathed. Those that could still speak told of trashed tools and mangeled machinery - not to mention the blood-curtling cries and ghastly growls that rang out from the dark depths. A nice place for a relaxing breaking this was not. Eventually there were no miners left who would brave these perilous passageways. Finally able to rest without interruption, Prism Break retired to his favorite cavern and sank into a silent slumber. He slept through some important events - including the roof collapsing over him.

Over 100 years later, Prism Break was rudely roused by a new generation of Mabu miners. One of them had pick-axed him in a place he rather not mention. But instead of munching the Mabu and using the pickaxes for toothpicks, Prism Break found himself transformed. His arms had turned from rocks into powerful gems that fired pure bolts of energy. Feeling much improved, he decided to be a force for good instead of grumpiness. So he joined the Skylanders.[2]

Spyro versus The Mega Monsters

Prism Break was one of the Skylanders called upon by Master Eon to help repair the damage done to the Eternal Archives after Kaos launched an attack.

Stump Smash Crosses the Bone Dragon

Prism Break was one of the assembled Skylanders who attempted to fight against the rampaging Bone Dragon in the Giggling Forest, but was turned to stone. He was returned to normal when the Dragon agreed to un-freeze the petrified present characters.


Prism Break has the ability to shoot beams of energy at his enemies using his gem-like limbs, and also summon crystals to erupt from the ground under his opponents to finish them off, or use them to refract his energy beams.





Battle Cries

  • "The Beam is Supreme!"
  • "Looking strong!"
  • "Mmm... Rock Solid!"
  • "Tough break!"
  • "A shining victory!"
  • "I feel right at home!"

Character Trailers

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  • Prism Break's Series 2 figure has green crystals on his arms, but his Series 1 figure has sapphire colored crystals.
  • Prism Break, Crusher, and Flashwing are the only Skylanders who can break Tzo Crystals.
    • However, Whirlwind can do this, but only in the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC Versions of Spyro's Adventure.
  • His name is a pun on the term "Prison Break".
  • As a LightCore, his crystals light up.
  • In Giants, he holds his arms a bit further apart when he pops up on-screen than in Spyro's Adventure.
  • Prism Break, Stump Smash, EruptorDrill Sergeant, and Countdown are the only bipedal Skylanders without hands.
  • Series 2 Prism Break has the Crystal Eruption and Crystalline Armor upgrades from his Crystaleer upgrade path.
  • He has an exclusive flocked variant known as Employee Prism Break, who was given to employees at Activision.
  • In Trap Team, Prism Break's Shard Soul Prisons are now red or purple depending on which upgrade path he takes.
  • Enemies will get distracted by his crystals on the field, allowing the player to take advantage of their trajectory.
  • For reasons unknown, Prism Break's voice actor, Peter Lurie has been uncredited in Skylanders: SuperChargers.


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