The Rampant Ruins is an old robot graveyard in Skylanders: Swap Force. The robots buried there were once powered by crystals of the Petrified Darkness. The Skylanders venture to the Ruins to find out where the evilized crystals are coming from and stop whoever is behind the creation of the evilizers.


  • Get to the Stone Monkey

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • Iron Tomb Trail
    • Element: Air
      • Mystic Flame Rotunda
        • Element: Fire
  • Gibbon Antechamber
  • Orangutan Tower
  • Simian Temple
    • Element: Fire
  • Simian Throne Room
    • Element: Fire
      • Gibbon's Garden
        • Element: Earth
  • Guardian's Lookout
    • Element: Earth
      • Hidden Temple
        • Element: Water
  • Western Watch
    • Element: Earth
  • Monkey Monk's Path
    • Element: Undead
  • Eastern Watch
    • Element: Undead

SWAP Zones

  • Robot Ramparts
    • SWAP ability: Climb
  • Fenetic Fog
    • SWAP ability: Speed
  • Lonely Springs
    • SWAP ability: Bounce

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • The Monkey's Paw
  • Major Award Monkey

Bonus Mission Map

  • Fishy Fishing

Soul Gem


  • Boonie Hat
  • Sawblade Hat

Story Scroll

  • The Grave Monkey
Swap Force
Cloudbreak Islands (World) - Woodburrow (Hub) - Skylands (3DS World) - Boom Town (3DS Hub)

Main Chapters
Mount Cloudbreak - Cascade Glade - Mudwater Hollow - Rampant Ruins - Jungle Rumble - Iron Jaw Gulch
Motleyville - Twisty Tunnels - Serpent's Peak - Boney Islands - Winter Keep - Frostfest Mountains
Mesmeralda's Show - Fantasm Forest - Kaos' Fortress - Motherly Mayhem - Cloudbreak Core
3DS Chapters
Sky Docks - Spooky Woods - Toadstool Terrace - Fountain Springs - The Fuel Machine
Shimmer Shard Shire - Crystal Caverns - Twilight Fortress - Above the Sea - Robot Factory
Robot Assembly Center - Samurai Springs - Bonsai Bay - Fire Flow Valley - The Party Town
Down the River - The Haunted Villa - Clockwork Castle - Clockwork Arena

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