Roboto-Ball was an Arkeyan sport in Skylands. It was mostly played in the Lost City of Arkus. Roboto Ball was once a popular sport among Arkeyans. Their favorite part was that the roboto-balls themselves had the tendency to explode. It made for some exciting action on the field, but it also led to many accidental explosions when these roboto-balls were used at home, which in turn led to property damage and the occasional reveal of hidden treasure stashes.

Bouncer is the most well-known Roboto-Ball player, and the player can make Roboto-Balls appear in Lost City of Arkus and Bringing Order to Kaos!. These are used to destroy certain walls.


  • Weapon Master says the sport got discontinued in the Lost City of Arkus, although he then says you are permitted to 'play with it'.

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