Sacred Town is a village that has been overruned by avian servants of the Dream Sheep.


Level Missions

  • Defeat the Bird Invaders

Level Challenges

  • Open Elemental Gate - TechSymbolSkylanders
  • Win Skystones Battle
  • Do not fall off ledges
  • Complete Time Challenge

Bonus Missions

  • Chests Unlocked - 5
  • Gems Collected - 300
  • Nightmare Pages Found - 3
  • Hats Found - 3
Trap Team
Skylands (World) - Skylanders Academy (Hub) - Eternal Archives (3DS Hub)

Main Chapters
Soda Springs - Know-It-All Island - Chompy Mountain - Phoenix Psanctuary - Chef Zeppelin
Rainfish Riviera - Monster Marsh - Telescope Towers - Mystic Mill - Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink
Wilikin Workshop - Time Town - The Future of Skylands - Operation: Troll Rocket Steal - Skyhighlands
The Golden Desert - Lair of the Golden Queen - The Ultimate Weapon
3DS Chapters
Underhalls - Sacred Town - Rocky Gate - Temple of Waking - Windy Pass - Hot Springs Village
Monastery of Waking - Sunny Harbor - Royal Rooftops - Palace of Waking - Hugo's Nightmare
Sleep Dragon's Lair - Dream Sheep's Dominion - Dream Sheep's Lair

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