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Scholarville is a village in Skylanders: ImaginatorsIt holds a population of scholars and researchers that maintain vows to secrecy and to protect the treasures hidden in their castle, though the Mabu named Scholari[1] tiptoes around the vow to ask the Skylanders for help.


  • Reach the Cannon
  • Escape the Ship
  • Find the Next Cannon
  • Escape the Second Ship
  • Reach the Castle

Areas to Find

  • Scholar Town Square
  • Scholarville Library
  • Aquatic Studies
  • Philosopher's Fort
  • Hermit's Hideaway
  • Command Ship A
  • Spar Deck
    • Element: Fire
  • The Engine Room
  • Academic Islands
  • Insect Studies
    • Element: Air
  • The Mine
  • Forgotten Islands
  • Command Ship B
  • The Cannon Maze
  • Cloud Shroud Lookout
  • Vine Grind Gulf
  • Vine Down Landing
  • Castle Sewer
    • Stronger: Imaginators

Sensei Shrines

  • Sorcerer
  • Sentinel


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