This article is about the animal species within the Skylanders Academy continuity. You may be looking for the animal species canon to the main storyline.

Sheep are one of the local animals in the Skylanders Academy television series. Unlike their game counterparts, the Sheep seems to have a deep hatred towards Hugo for reasons that are currently unknown, and try to threaten him whenever they're out of view of other characters. A notable trait is their ability to turn aggressive by turning their eyes red and their teeth sharp when near the Mabu, or threatened by other characters.

Like their ingame counterpart, they are bouncy and round with a generous covering of wool, allowing characters to use them like a ball or to stop someone's fall.



  • Sheep appear to be a common name for expletives in the show, as Kaossandra's otherwise inappropriate yells use the word rather than the offending swears.
Skylanders Academy

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