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Sheep Wreck Island is the second and last Adventure Pack in Skylanders: Swap Force. The Tech Skylander, Wind-Up, comes with this adventure pack along with two magic items, Platinum Sheep and Groove Machine.

The Sheep Mage rallies the sheep to spread their 'sheepdom' all over Skylands as payback for being pushed around and mistreated. Blind Beard and Flynn help you on your journey to stop the Sheep Mage.


Flynn goes through the portal to Sheep Wreck Island, and stumbles upon the Sheep Mage's plan to exact revenge upon the people of Skylands. He is soon discovered, and the Sheep Mage turns Flynn into a sheep. The Skylanders embark on a mission to stop the Sheep Mage, all the while dodging and besting his minions scattered throughout the island. They soon encounter the Sheep Mage, who wields a magic staff that makes him unstoppable. Despite shapeshifting into his large sheep form and his minions standing in their way, the Skylanders destroy the Sheep Mage's magic staff, driving the villain away. Flynn is turned back into a Mabu citizen and both he and Blindbeard return to Woodburrow.


  • Destroy the Sheep Mage's staff

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • Sheepy Shores
  • Blind Beard's Ship & Ancient Ruins
    • Element: Undead
  • Cyclops' Ship
    • Element: Undead
      • Skull Fields
        • Element: Undead
  • Temple Islands
  • Temple of Wool
  • Arr-Sheep-Elagos
  • Itchy Caves
  • Ram Gallery
  • Wooly Caves
    • Element: Earth
      • Volcano Ride
        • Element: Undead/Fire
  • Old Sheep Cliff
    • Element: Life
  • Temple of BAAAAA
    • Lamballoon
      • Element: Air
  • Altar of Worsheep

SWAP Zones

  • Sheep Strafing
    • SWAP ability: Rocket
  • Wool Over Their Eyes
    • SWAP ability: Sneak
  • Beached Blinkout
    • SWAP ability: Teleport

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Unknown

Bonus Mission Map

  • Unknown


  • Tree Branch
  • Aviator's Cap
  • Creepy Helm

Story Scroll

  • The Platinum Sheep


  • The music of Arkeyan Armory plays in Sheep Wreck Island.
  • There are strange, puffer fish-like creatures with spines that are immobile on the ground and damage the Skylanders if touched.
  • When the Skylanders meet Sheepy Flynn, he'll say, "Skylander! Oh thank goodness. You gotta break that sheep creep's magic staff! And also don't ever tell anyone about what happened here". Sheep Creep is the name of a villain in Skylanders: Trap Team.
  • Like the Dragon's Peak figure, the Sheep Wreck Island figure makes fireballs rain down after being placed on the portal in Trap Team.
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