“Can't stop my sword”
    —Sir Hoodington's given catchphrase

Sir Hoodington is a notable Imaginator created by Toys For Bob. He serves as a mascot for Skylanders: Imaginators. He is a Knight of the Fire element and is seen in many commercials, screenshots and other promos.

He is made using a Hooded Mystery head, Buckles and Belts chest, Shell Arms, Deep Sea Legs, Double Guard for shoulder guards, Spike Bracelets for arm guards, Old Faithful Leg Armor and a Laserblade as his weapon.[1]



  • An indirect reference to Sir Hoodington's "mascot" role is made in the book A Portal Master's Guide to Skylands, where he is identified as "one of the most prominant Imaginators".
    • Additionally, he is stated to have proved himself invaluable in the fight against Kaos and his Doomlanders.