The Skylander Games are a location and the final test of prowess to Skylander Cadets in the Skylanders Academy TV show, before they can become fully fledged Skylanders and written into The Book of Skylanders. In it, the cadets face a group of foes and hazards in an arena, and their graduation depends in their peformance.

When not in use, the arena and its surrounding area can host a variety of events, from flea markets to the Skylands Music Festival; and adapted for training and Sheep Ball matches.


Season 1

The show starts right before that year's Skylander Games, in which Spyro, Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Hex and Bad Breath participate and fight, in various waves, a group of Troll robots and flaming and frozen arrow hazards, a battle using a SuperCharger vehicle, and a battle against holograms of various enemies, including Kaos.

Only Stealth Elf, Eruptor and Bad Breath graduate at first, but the arena was attacked by Kaos, who sucessfully stole and froze The Book of Skylanders. When Spyro was the only one left to defend the Academy and its heroes, he was eventually graduated as well for his efforts.

In My Way or the Sky Way, the arena the Games take place is also shown to be where the Skylanders store and use vehicles.

In Pop Rocks, the island hosts the Skylands Music Festival, with its profits going towards the Academy and attracting a large crowd of young Mabu. Wolfgang attempted to use the crowd to create a zombified army for the Golden Queen, but his plans were foiled by Pop Fizz.

In The Skylands Are Falling!, the arena's entrance is used for a swap-meet, where various characters, including Glumshanks, attempt to sell their unwanted trinkets or look for bargains. The episode's plot is kickstarted when he sells the Evil-Scope Lens to Pop Fizz, while the other Skylanders look for miscellaneous items.



  • The Kaos hologram is similar the one used in the final tutorial in Skylanders: Battlecast.
  • The Skylanders, as well as other Mabu, might act as staff for some of the events hosted in the Skylander Games, as implied in Pop Rocks where Bad Breath attempted to sell pretzels he made.
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