Skylanders: Giants (The Official Orchestral Score) is the soundtrack for the videogame, Skylanders: Giants. It was composed by Lorne Balfe, and was first released online on September 18, 2012, on itunes stores.


Having scored the first game with help from Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe returned to compose the second instalment of Skylanders, Skylanders: Giants. The soundtrack is largely comprised of music from levels and battle arenas, however, it is not a complete soundtrack, for it does not include all of the game's musical acompaniment. The soundtrack excludes music from Kaos' Kastle and Troll Home Security. Troll Home Security may have been excluded as it changed throughout the level. Some of the music was used for multiple levels, for example the music for Autogyro Adventure is also the music used for Lost City of Arkus, whilst the music for Glacier Gully was reused for the Hero Challenge: A Real Goat Getter. Music was also composed for the PvP battle arenas: Arena Battle and Slippery Tunnel.

Although Drill-X's Skylander song was not included in the official soundtrack, it is worth mentioning that the vocals for the song were provided by veteran actor and voice-actor, George Takei.

Track Listing

  1. Giants (1:38)
  2. Junkyard Isles (2:38)
  3. Rumbletown (2:40)
  4. Cutthroat Carnival (2:33)
  5. Glacier Gully (2:39)
  6. Secret Vault of Secrets (2:28)
  7. The Oracle (0:51)
  8. Wilikin Village (2:05)
  9. Aerial Attack (2:30)
  10. Drill-X's Big Rig (2:45)
  11. Molekin Mountain (1:30)
  12. Arena Battle (0:41)
  13. Autogyro Adventure (2:53)
  14. Slippery Tunnel (1:35)
  15. Bringing Order to Kaos! (2:31)


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