Skylanders: Lost Islands is an app for the iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android. Like Skylanders: Cloud Patrol, it does not have a starter pack, unlike Skylanders: Battlegrounds. It is a free game, but is only available in some countries like Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US.

On the 22nd of August 2017, it was announced that Skylanders Lost Islands would be removed from the App store on November 1st. [1]

Story Summary

In Skylanders: Lost Islands, the war against Kaos has destroyed Mabu villages and towns. Now, the Mabu need the players help to find a new home. With the help of the Skylanders, players must build the Mabu a new home on the Lost Islands.


Skylanders: Lost Islands is a game where players have to use gold, gems, and energy to perform tasks and build homes for the Mabu. Use gold and gems to build houses. Each house built will add to the players Mabu population. When players get a certain amount of Mabu, they can use them to build community buildings such as banks and post offices. Houses and communities give the player experience over time, which must be collected to advance in levels and unlock new features. Gold and gems can also be used to buy production items such as adventure balloons and energy fields, or decorations such as trees or roads.

Energy must be used for all tasks that require Skylanders. Some of these tasks are scattering sheep, destroying troll camps, and going out on adventures. Energy can be bought with gems or grown in Energy Fields or Radiant Energy Fields, where players harvest plants to gain energy. Gold, however, is obtained by completing tasks that require energy. Different kinds of experience can be obtained by doing any tasks.

Similar to Skylanders: Cloud Patrol, there is the Element of the Day function. Using a Skylander that matches the Element of the Day will let the players Skylander get extra experience and coins.

Sometimes players will receive quests from Companions or high level Skylanders . Quests vary in difficulty and will get progressively harder. Completing quests will reward the player with experience, coins, and more.



  • Although they are two different characters, Gorm and Tuk are counted as one companion in Lost Islands.
  • Unlike the Skylanders and the Mabu Citizens, the Companions don't give a cheer when they are poked by the user. However, when they are poked, a "boing" sound effect is played instead.
  • The golden coins have an image of Trigger Happy on them.
  • The crop Moss Stash is a pun on "moustache."
  • Although not birds themselves, Whirlwind and Flashwing are capable of using the Bird House in this game.
  • After the game's final update, it was left with a total of 214 Skylanders, 50 companions and 20 villains.
    • Unlike the other Skylanders, King Cobra Cadabra is hidden and can only be unlocked through codes or his figure on the blue tooth Portal of Power. He is also the last Skylander to be included in the game.
  • Several aspects of Lost Islands were used in Skylanders: SuperChargers including the Wishing Well.
  • Gnarly Barkley is the only Skylander before SuperChargers who has not had an appearance in this game.
  • Blizzard Chill, Sure Shot Shroomboom, Full Blast Jet-Vac and Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz appear as variants in this game.


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