Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is an upcoming mobile role-playing game in the Skylanders series. It is developed by Com2Us of Summoners War fame, and like its predecessor, it is a turn-based RPG using a team of various Skylanders facing against other known enemies from the series.


Kaos, who wishes to become the ruler of Skylands, tried to take over the portals using the evil power from the Book of Dark Magic. But the power of dark went beyond Kaos' expectations and the portals went out of control, creating a giant rift of dimensions. The rift of dimensions pulled in many things from other universes into Skylands, including Portal Masters of Earth. Eon, the Guardian Master of Skylands, is asking for your help to chase after Kaos with fellow Skylanders, to get the Book of Dark Magic back and restore Skylands.


Reassemble the Squad. Master your Skills. Awaken your Champion.

The ALL-NEW Skylanders mobile RPG is finally here. Join Spyro, Stealth Elf, and many more of your favorite Skylanders in this epic adventure of Skylanders Ring of Heroes.

Build the ultimate Skylanders team

  • Collect from more than 60+ Skylanders.
  • Level up, evolve, and awaken your Skylanders to make them stronger than ever before.
  • Equip your Skylanders with up to 10 magical Rune abilities.
  • Summon Skylanders and Villains alike to fight by your side

Become the #1 champion

  • Mix and match Skylanders with unique skills and abilities to create the ultimate team.
  • Time your attacks and use mana wisely to overcome your enemies.
  • Knock down your enemies defenseless, use elements to your advantage, trigger the status effects.
  • Intuitive game play for on-the-go: just tap on skills and your Skylanders are ready to fight.
  • Test your strength against Portal Masters from all over the world.

Watch the Skylands come to life

  • Experience the rich and colorful world of Skylanders.
  • Reimagine Skylands and give it your personal touch.


The game's beta has a multitude of english mistakes and poorly worded dialogue, and this section is subject to change in the final release or later updates.

After many skirmishes between villains and Skylanders, Skylands appeared to have a rare time of peace. However, it quickly faded when Kaos discovered the Book of Dark Magic in a vault, losing control of its power and causing rifts that shattered islands and dragged land from other dimensions into the realm. One of these rifts struck Earth, taking Portal Masters from their home and into Skylands. Before they could discover what happened, they landed in Infernal Volcano; Stormblade and other Skylanders were pursuing Kaos, but failed to stop him. Quickly, Cali discovered the player Portal Master and attempted to help.




  • The characters' Awakened forms is similar to the SuperChargers versions of older Skylanders, where they gain a new outfit.
    • However, some characters have awakened forms of their SuperCharger counterparts instead or both appearances, despite Supercharging being a temporary form change.
  • The game's plot mixes elements from both the game canon and the Skylanders Academy canon.
    • Oddly, its intro cutscenes contradicts information from both canons, stating that Kaos is the leader of the Doom Raiders when he actually left it in both attempts, or mentioning that Master Eon trims his beard from time to time.
  • This is the first game to show art of the human Earth Portal Masters, giving the players a "canon" appearance.

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