This article is about the titular location in the TV series. You may be looking for its game counterpart or the TV series itself.

The Skylanders Academy is the headquarters and training ground for cadets wanting to be Skylanders. It is the main location for the Skylanders Academy television series.



S1E9 Training Islands in Construction
A young Master Eon founded the Skylanders Academy to train future protectors of the Skylands, sometime after the Great War and losses against villains much stronger than him. Though he started the construction on his own in a deserted island, he eventually started overseeing the beginning of each part of the facility with the help of other workers. The longer Eon's beard grew, the larger the Academy became.

Season 1

The Academy is prominent in every episode of the show's first season, most appearances taking place in the Library. Though invasions and thefts are thwarted frequently, the school suffers a great attack in Assault on Skylander Academy, with various doors being destroyed by Kaos, Kaossandra and the Doom Raiders and its defenders incapacitated until the return of Team Spyro.


The isle is made up of several smaller islands that can be connected and disconnected through unknown methods. Though most of its structure is stationary, some areas are permanently in orbit around it, and additional islands can be attached to its "port" at the Courtyard if necessary.



Creatures of Skylands can enroll in the Academy by taking part in admission tests that showcase their abilities. After it, the course takes four years of obligatory and elective classes, training and tests of skill and teamwork; and should they pass the final test in the Skylander Games, the cadets are bound to The Book of Skylanders. Even if they do pass, Skylanders are still expected to attend certain classes and talks; and cadets that fail the Games must take another year of the regular course.

The Academy also offers a junior cadet course for students much younger than the usual, but the details are unknown.

Rooms and Islands


(as of Season 1)





Persephone's House
  • The Academy is based on the Academy design from Skylanders: Trap Team, with several new islands nearby and a bigger courtyard.
    • While in Trap Team the teleportation pads could only transport people through the Academy's rooms, in the show they can be also used to teleport to various other places outside of it, even by outsiders.
    • The paintings in the Library, that used various themes, are replaced by concept art from Skylanders: Swap Force and Skylanders: SuperChargers.
  • Persephone's house can be seen briefly in Season 1, still in the far corner of the garden. However, it is unknown if she still lives on it as she has yet to make an appearance in the show.
  • In Season 1, the main hall is only seen in small glimpses through the entrance; most of the scenes inside the Academy take place in the Library and any point where characters walk through other rooms on their way to it happen offscreen. Unlike its original appearance, the main doors lead to a corridor first.
Skylanders Academy

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