This article is about the recurring symbols across all Skylanders games. You may be looking for the items in Ring of Heroes.
Skylands Runes

A sheet of Skylands Runes as seen in Hatterson's shop in Trap Team.

The Skylands Runes are a collection of recurring symbols seen in the Skylanders franchise. Though they are not the only symbols used, they frequently appear as decoration or empowering artifacts in many objects throught Skylands.

In Skylanders: Universe, they were used as a language, with which the codes that Skylanders figures game with were "translated" to be summoned into the game; but in other entries they appear to have no literal meaning as no phrase written with them corresponds to the "language" used in that game. The Shattering Sigil is a notable artifact using a rune, and most Portals of Power feature several of those symbols engraved on them. The Runic Headband hat, first appearing on Skylanders: Swap Force, is a floating circlet made of these runes.

In Skylanders Academy, Skylands Runes are also used as a written language, though the regular English alphabet is seen more commonly.

In Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, six of the Skylands Runes are used for stat increasing abilities, appearing as slabs of stone with the symbol engraved on them.

Noteworthy Locations

Rune appearances are in chronological order by the games and/or other media's release dates. Examples which apply to all games, such as hats, must be put on the main heading.
  • Around the Core of Light's pillar, a wheel powered by the Tech Eternal Source has runes on different squares inside, which glow brightly when imbued with Quicksilver.
  • Luck-o-Tron Wheels have runes around them.
  • The entrance to the Volcanic Vault has runes engraved around and in its center.
  • The Anvil Rain Magic Item has two of the symbols on different parts of it.
  • The Battle Hammer has the same symbol as the Shattering Sigil on its faces.
  • In Teleportation SWAP Force Zones, pyramidal magical runes are needed to seal the dimensional rifts, and have them engraved on each of its sides.
  • The door frames and pillars of Skylanders Academy have runes in certain parts.
  • The Mirror of Mystery proper has symbols on its four edges.
  • Runes are featured prominently in Time Town and by extension the Clock Rock, though oddly only the inner clock of the main tower has them replacing the numbers, while the four outer clocks have nothing.
  • A fast food chain that sells hamburgers and pizza in Monstrous Isles has runes on its banner.
  • The sword conjured by the Darkness for Kaos' battle at the Sky Eater had the runes at each of its sides, and the corresponding runes appear on the ground as a tell-tale sign for where it would hit next.
  • The back of Skylanders: Battlecast cards have 6 runes distributed along the top and the bottom.
  • The Cradle of Creation contains various stones and other objects decorated with the notorious runes, indicating they were used even by the Ancients.
  • Sensei Shrines are richly decorated with runes along the weapons and the artifact.
  • Several parts for Imaginators have runes, such as the Athletic Torso or several weapons.
  • Pressure plate puzzles in Imaginators have the Shattering Sigil's rune inscribed over them, which lights up to indicate when it can be used.
  • Classes in Skylanders Academy use runes, as seen in the blackboard of several episodes and the paper in Skylanders Unite!.



Persephone Upgrade Sign
  • In Spyro's Adventure, the round sign on Persephone's upgrade station features a set of runes identical to the ones on the entrance to the Volcanic Vault.