“"Careful, you'll get turned around."”
    —Skystones Overdrive flavor text

Spin-Offs are enemies seen in Skylanders: SuperChargers, mostly in the Land of the Undead. They also appear in BattleBrawl Island and the Sensei Dark Realm during Skylanders: Imaginators.

They resemble smaller Spot Bites, but have a skull resembling that of a canine; they also wear helmets with bat wings and ride in small armored segways. Their only method of attacking is to activate their segway to spin and attempt to hit the Skylander with their tails and feet, and are completely invulnerable until it stops spinning and they fall to the ground again. Their behavior is identical to that of Mohawk Cyclopses, Brawl & Chains and several others.


  • Spin-Offs are works that derive from existing media, usually detailing in a single aspect of the series.

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