Split Decision is the sixth episode of Skylanders Academy Season 2.


When Skull decides to break away from Hex, Hex turns evil and tries to transform the others at the Academy into zombie-like drones.


Hex and Skull are the first to be tasked by Stealth Elf into pursuing a purple orb whilst evading numerous obstacles. Skull floats ahead to grab the orb quickly without waiting for Hex but gets blocked resulting in both of them being marked as failed in Stealth Elf's exercise. During Professor Jet Vac's sessions, Hex is already graded an A for her report, as Jet Vac assumes it idolizes him, but Skull reveals he changed it to be about himself pulling back their grade. Their recent indifferences raises tensions in their friendship.

Kaos attempts his escape of abandoning the Doom Raiders while they are all asleep, but is unable to. He is briefed by Broccoli Guy, having reported his failure to provide info on Kaossandra's castle location to Golden Queen, she then plans on throwing a roast for Kaos. With both of them uncertain of what actually takes place in a roast, Kaos believes it's the perfect opportunity for him to abandon the partying Doom Raiders. Meanwhile, Kaossandra learns of Glumshanks being hired as the lead comedian for Kaos's roast as he practices his alter ego, the Unknown Troll Comic, for the performance. Kaossandra orders Glumshanks to harshly ridicule Kaos during the roast to acknowledge just how stronger his son's powers have become and how weaker her's is getting.

Eruptor teaches the cadets for a therapeutic session. Hex is worried for Skull's detached behavior. She tries to assure him, sharing to the cadets of her full trust in him as they accomplish her journey of being a Skylander. Skull angrily interrupts her, resenting her statement that she's the only one who wishes to be a Skylander and claiming he can be a Skylander without her help. Using his vast knowledge about Hex's spells, he begins reciting an incantation that can break his bond as Hex's familiar for good. The spell works, and Skull happily jumps away after being released from his orb, oblivious as to Hex's now eerie state. Hours later, Cynder and Roller Brawl wander the campus discussing Hex's disappearance when suddenly Hex creeps up behind them. She hugs the pair, converting them into mindless minions intent on spreading the evilness by hugging everyone else on the Academy.

Meanwhile, Skull meets with Master Eon hoping to be granted as a solo Skylander after breaking his bond with Hex. Eon is quickly horrified of Skull's actions, gravely informing him his decision to separate with Hex was never meant to happen as it would leave her vulnerable of being overcome by darkness. Outside, Hex has hugged and infected all of the cadets. The Skylanders are easily surrounded and one by one are turned by the cadets into mindless minions themselves. Spyro, being able to fly, manages to evade them and take shelter inside the Library. Spyro alerts Eon and Skull of the crisis of the Academy's inhabitants turning evil by Hex. Filled with guilt, Skull confesses, reasoning that his decision was driven by his recent observations of Hex progressing alone of being a Skylander and believed his only friend no longer needed him. Master Eon assures him that their integral friendship is what will make them both Skylanders in the future. Committed to save Hex, Eon finally hands him the incantation that he must recite to Hex in order to restore their bond. With the cadets reaching the Library, Spyro risks assisting Skull in getting close to Hex.

The roast begins and an unrecognizable Glumshanks starts the opening. Almost immediately, Kaos begins to feel uneasy of how the jokes Glumshanks and the Doom Raiders make are about him. All throughout the evening, Kaos tries to hold in his anger. Glumshanks intensifies his ridicule to Kaos, finally breaking his restraint, and unleashes a powerful fury of his powers that levels the diner. Having enough, Kaos angrily confronts Golden Queen and reveals he knows her intentions. Kaos declares to leave his loyalty to the Doom Raiders. Golden Queen attempts to turn him into gold, but she is shocked that Kaos is now immune to her powers. Realizing his powers are as powerful as Kaossandra's, Kaos has the powerless Doom Raiders on the run and vows to seek revenge on the "Unknown Troll Comic".

Spyro lifts Skull as they fly halfway through to Hex. Unfortunately, Spyro gets caught and is about to transform, but not before tossing Skull towards Hex. Hex, however, manages to grab Skull and prepares to make him join her. Skull recites the incantation and reverts Hex back to normal again. The pair quickly assist each other in restoring the inhabitants they turned back to normal. After the confused cadets and Skylanders leave them be, Skull reveals Hex his mistake and apologizes for separating after believing to be needless to her. She explains to Skull that she was working alone so that they both can progress further into being Skylanders. When Skull admits of wanting to be Hex's familiar again, their permanent friendship is rekindled as Skull reacquires his orb.

Skull promises to no longer server their bond and the two share a hug, embracing their moment as inseparable partners forever.

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  • Kaos leaves the Doom Raiders.


  • Skull's spells are phrases with the words in reverse, unlike the gibberish spells used by Kaossandra and Eon, and Strykore's entire chants in reverse. The spells are:
    • Now is time to say peace out and nice to know you, sayonara, ciao, and aloha!
    • Please forgive my grave mistake, a friend who didn't give but would always take.
  • Stealth Elf's remark on the episode's events, "an obscene amount of hugging involved", is a common adult reference used by other non-adult shows.
  • Hoot Loop is mentioned as the subject of Hex's essay, despite having yet to make an appearance as of Season 2.
  • The episode's original title was Hex-ual Healing, based on the pseudoscience alternative treatment Spiritual Healing.[1] It was most likely changed due to an overt kid-unfriendly expression it could be mistaken for.


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