The Spring Ahead Dive Bomber is the Easter counterpart of the Dive Bomber in Skylanders: SuperChargers. With a brand new fleet of powerful vehicles at their disposal, the Skylanders are ready to battle evil wherever it hides. In an attempt to sneak into the aquatic nest of a menacing Hydra, the Skylanders have disguised Dive Bomber as a decorative egg. Hopefully Hydras like to protect their eggs... and not eat them!


Performance Mods

  • Torpedo Buoys
  • Sub Stream Jets
  • Flex Floaties
  • Arkeyan Echo Guns

Specialty Mods

  • Power Propeller
  • Deep Dynamo
  • Mr. Sqeeks
  • Aqua Splitter

Horn Options

  • Blaring Seahorn
  • Dolphin Disorientor Horn
  • Lost at Sea Signal Horn
  • High Pressure Whistle Horn

Character Trailer

OFFICIAL Skylanders SuperChargers Action Clips Spring Ahead Dive Bomber00:45

OFFICIAL Skylanders SuperChargers Action Clips Spring Ahead Dive Bomber

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