Stone Blocks are living block-shaped rocks that were introduced in Skylanders: Swap Force. They fill the same role as the giant Turtles where they are used to solve puzzles and open up other passages. Though most of them don't talk, they react to the Skylanders pushing them around with exaggerated expressions.

One Stone Block found behind a Water Elemental Gate in Rampant Ruins is capable of speech and enlisted the Skylanders to push it against the wall in different parts so that they can scratch its back this way. Once his back is scratched, he gave the Skylanders a bounce pad in order to gain access to a hat.

Non Playable Characters
Swap Force

Tessa - Whiskers - Rufus - Tuk - Gorm - Chieftess - Snagglescale - Willowbark - Wheellock
Sharpfin - Avril - Fizzy - Duff - Softpaw - Flashfin - Terrasquid - Frosthound - Tree Spirit
Hugo - Cali - Prospector - Water Dragon - Margaret - The Ferryman

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