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“They call me... The Light Eater.”
    —Strykore, Touch of Evil

Strykore, known in legend as The Light Eater, is a major villain in the Skylanders Academy television series. After his evil acts in the Great War, he was sealed within the Book of Dark Magic, though he still orchestrated most of the events of Season 2 to gain freedom.



Strykore's cunning surpasses even that of the Golden Queen, using his corruptive magic and lies to reach his goals. He does not seem to care about the disastrous effects of his light siphoning, nor about the balance between good and evil, and he has made clear his mission to destroy the Core of Light, no matter who he has to harm or even kill to get there.


Strykore was made legend for his main ability: siphoning the light energy of beings to increase his own power, sometimes corrupting them into evil beings in the process. Even without using it, he still has great dark magic, and can bestow (or alter the existing) powers of others from his prison inside the Endless Void of the Book of Dark Magic. His growing power also empowers many villains in Skylands and disrupts technology like a virus, causing mayhem long before being freed.

Though he appears incapable of using astral magic, he can still manifest himself in the Dream Realm, with enough power to free anyone from Dreamcatcher's grasp temporarily.



While the majority of his origins is largely unknown, it is known that during the Great War, Strykore attempted to destroy the Core of Light by corrupting its Dragon guardians, though they were interrupted by Master Eon's desperate spells to send them to another dimension. Eventually, Strykore was stopped by his ally Kaossandra, who betrayed him for currently unknown reasons to seal him inside the Book of Dark Magic with Eon's help.

Season 1

Strykore empowered Kaos through the Book of Dark Magic, in an attempt to make him undo the curse with Chompy Mage's help in Crash Landing. When the book was taken by the Skylanders and returned to Kaossandra after an arduous struggle; however, he acted surprised before his manifestation was sealed back into the tome.

Season 2

Though his inital attempt at leaving the book was thwarted, Strykore had another method set in place: Kaos' empowerment started to drain Kaossandra's magic by the day, and the more the dark wizard gained strength to manifest, the less Kaossandra could keep him inside the book before he manifested from the Endless Void to interact with anyone within his power's reach. Over the course of the season, even weaker villains started to become real threats to the Skylanders.

Eventually, his powers did more than strengthen the evil of Skylands, and in Sheep(ball) Dreams, he finally reached out to Dreamcatcher by emptying the Dream Realm, making a deal with her to reveal the location of Kaossandra's Castle so he could be freed. Golden Queen, unbeknownst to him, was eager to use this information to take revenge on Kaossandra, but she was no stranger to his power and secretly planned to destroy him as well. However, his return wasn't secret for long, and after Dreamcatcher was taken in by the Skylanders during her amnesia, she told them about Strykore when he attempted to remind her of their deal.



Kaossandra was once his ally, but after her betrayal, he made no attempt to hide his hatred for her and taunted her at every attempt of sealing him when her strength started to wane.


Though he welcomed him as a son and offered him power and a spot to rule at his side, not is all as it may seem. Though Kaos was saved by his terrible memory, Strykore at first attempted to consume his power mercilessly to become free, and proceeded to lie about being his father to keep Kaos under his thumb.


When he is first introduced to Glumshanks, Strykore gained an urge to jam wheels inside the troll's ears and use him as a rickshaw, something Kaos had done to Glumshanks last month.


Strykore used Spyro’s light to free himself from the book he was trapped in, creating Dark Spyro. He used Spyro’s entire dragon race during the Great War to helping him spread evil and has unknown plans for Spyro himself.


Season 2

  • "Hmm... Why is it that I suddenly have the urge to jam wheels inside your ears, and use you as a rickshaw?" - Touch of Evil


  • Though he has a significant amount of design changes from Master Eon's appearance, he uses a similar model, and also has robes colored similarly to Evilon.
    • Likewise, his name might be a reference to Hektore.
  • Strykore was created for the show as a threat to Skylands with family relationships towards various characters.[2]
  • Strykore's spells are phrases in reverse, unlike the gibberish spells used by Kaossandra and Eon, and Skull's spells with only the words backwards. As of Season 2, he has only attempted one spoken spell, which when solved, puts his relationship with Kaos into question:
    • Let it consume you so once more I may live.
  • Strykore's voice actor, Fred Tatasciore, is known for voicing certain Skylanders including Snap Shot (both the game version and show counterpart) and Zook. He is also well known for being the voice of menacing and/or powerful characters, such as Marvel characters Hulk and Ghost Rider.


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