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He looks like a Golding, like Sprocket. What if he's her uncle, the one in her backstory?

Maybe. Or Maybe not.

Name pun

His name is a pun on High Rise! Wash bucklerCS wuz here


Spy Rise

Spy Rise in toy form

There's a picture of Spy Rise in toy form on this wiki. So why hasn't it been added to the page? Sam (BAZINGA) 12:49, August 22, 2013 (UTC)

Probably because it's forbidden by the image copyrights. Have you seen Aura's blog post about it?

Spy Rise's catchphrase

I think Spy Rise's Catchphrase is "Hook, Line and Swinger."  Wikimaster S (talk) 14:21, September 2, 2013 (UTC)

I stand corrected on "Hook, Line and Swinger." too. Wikimaster S (talk) 13:39, September 24, 2013 (UTC)

Bio Found

Good news, I got found the bio:

Yes, all the bios can be found on the website now. It was mentioned in a blog post, and I'm pretty sure Aura will add it next time she logs on.

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