The Team Spyro Home is the main homestead of Team Spyro in the Skylanders Academy television series. Prior to Jet-Vac moving in, Professor Pop Fizz had been living in this house for quite some time without Spyro, Stealth Elf and Eruptor's knowledge.

The island is of unknown size, but their house is surrounded by a field and at least one tree. Nearby inhabited islands are connected by bridges. The house itself contains a living room with a TV, rooms for the three graduates, and other utility rooms such as a large kitchen adapted to Eruptor's lava hands.


The Team Spyro Home is a three story building with a basement. The first floor houses the living room and the kitchen, while the second floor has Eruptor and Stealth Elf's rooms and the bathroom. The third floor is smaller and contains Spyro's bedroom, a large glass skylight, and the attic where Jet-Vac lives. Most rooms in the first floor have an entrance to the basement, and the first two floors have a firefighter pole leading down to it.

Though the entrance to the house faces an empty field, the garden has an irrigation system - possibly to stop Spyro's fire breath upon the plants - and an entrance to the sewer and basement.

Spyro's Room

Spyro's bedroom is greatly decorated with flags and posters, though otherwise tidy. Unlike other characters, his bed doubles as a sofa, and he also has a table with videogame software and a TV. He also has access to the beams that support the skylight.

Stealth Elf's Room

The ninja's room is decorated with a Life theme, from the pottery to the element's symbol in her bed, and is full of books and candles. Though it is small, one of the walls has multiple racks holding up her spare weaponry, while another has a board to stick notes onto.


The kitchen is large enough to accomodate four people or more. It mostly contains metal furniture to withstand Eruptor's extreme body temperatures. While the furniture is strong enough to withstand high levels of heat and energy, it still has a limit, and it has melted at least once after a lava flood.


Though it hasn't been shown as of Season 1, it doubles as a laboratory and bedroom for Pop Fizz.



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