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Tech is one of the ten elements introduced in the Skylanders series. When combined with the other Elements, it has the power to dominate the entire realm.[1]


Although the element of Tech was around long before the Arkeyans 10,000 years ago, it was this ancient civilization who perfected the use of technical machinery beyond any other. The Arkeyans spent thousands of years honing their technical skills, coming up with everything from terrifying weapons of war to newfangled ways of quickly cooking their lunches. Their mighty machines have never been better, proving beyond all doubt that they were the ultimate Tech masterminds.[2]

Golden Gear

The Golden Gear lies at the heart of the universe. It is the intricate clockwork of the world. The Golden Gear drives everything that is Tech, but can only function when oiled with green primordial goo. The Gear is the very essence of the Tech power in Skylands, and like other Elemental sources, dates back hundreds of thousands of years.[3]

Green Goo of Primordia

Also known as Green Primordial Goo, it is grease made from the fossilized Explodasaurs, and contains unimaginable power. Aside from powering the Golden Gear, it can also vastly improve technology that uses it, like the Trolls' weapons after they secured factories of it.


The Skylanders who possess the Tech element are associated with using advanced  or unusual techonology as their weapons. They have an advantage against Skylanders and enemies who wield the element of Magic, but are weak against Earth Skylanders in the Battle Arena. When they form a bridge, they bring a platform of machinery towards them and tiles form onto the platform to make a bridge.

Tech-based Skylanders also stand on a pedestal that consists of a pile of silver gears when they're in their toy form.

In Skylanders: Trap Team's turret sections, Tech Skylanders have the ability Robot Rampage, which destroys most enemies in the area. In Kaos Doom Challenge, they can summon a machine gun that can be upgraded to have multiple barrels and giant rocket as additional support.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, Tech-aligned Portal Master Powers include a protective barrier of gears, reducing enemies' attack, and gain a temporary Critical Hit chance boost. Those are distributed in several conditions, and the names are as follows:

  • Clockwork Barrier
  • Analytical Entrance
  • Targeting Strike
  • Technical Analysis
  • Metallic Desperation

Tech Elemental Characters



SWAP Force

Trap Masters




Tech Elemental Items


  • Automatic Angel
  • Factory Flower
  • Grabbing Gadget
  • Makers Mana
  • Tech Totem
  • Topsy Techy


Battlecast Spell Cards

Tech Spells in Battlecast mostly revolve around Gear and energy, but with attacking moves using several conditions for their best results.

  • Cog of War
  • Short Circuit
  • Skylithium Surge
  • Mobile Generator - Relic
  • Arkeyan Battle Armor
  • Sabotage
  • Copycat
  • Starting From Scrap
  • Call to Arms
  • Forcefield Generator - Relic
  • Surprise-A-Tech
  • Warly Birds
  • The Double-izer



  • Every Tech Skylander uses weapons, inlcuding those who have one as part of their bodies or armor.
  • In Skylanders: Giants, the music from Goo Factory plays in the Tech elemental zones.
  • Tech has currently eight robotic Skylanders: Drill Sergeant, Bouncer, Wind-Up, Magna Charge, Spy Rise, Gearshift, Jawbreaker, and High Volt. Out of these eight, only Bouncer, Drill Sergeant, and Magna Charge have wheels instead of feet. In addition, Wind-Up, Spy Rise, Gearshift and High Volt don't possess robotic voices when they talk.
  • In Giants, whenever a Tech Skylander gets close to some Sheep, the sheep will start following it.
  • None of the Tech and Air Villains' quests are mini games.
  • This element has more Troll villains than any other element. Coincidentally, they are also the only Troll villains who pilot vehicles (with exception of the fire villain, Smoke Scream).
  • It is the only element to have two villains in Trap Team in adventure packs (Trolling Thunder and Mab Lobs).


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