“Do you want to get unreasonable? Then let's get unreasonable up in here!”
    —Thunder Tow

Thunder Tow is a lobster-type Titan from Skylanders: SuperChargers who resides on the Monstrous Isles. The Skylanders had to fight Thunder Tow in order to claim the Eye of the Ancients (which Thunder Tow was wearing as a necklace) that was needed to complete the Core of Light. Though at first he seemed to want a friendly brawl and show off his trinket, Thunder Tow becomes increasingly enraged at the Skylanders and fights seriously. In the end, he is defeated and has the Eye of the Ancients taken from him.


Being a Titan, Thunder Tow is of incredible size and strength. His main attacks include throwing punches with his claws, curling himself in a ball which allows him to crush whatever beneath him in between jumps and his ability to pound the ground with force that it causes a steam trail, damaging anything in its path. With the Eye of the Ancients, he is able to fire lasers randomly.


  • "Yo, this neck-bling is sick, right?"
  • "Alright brah, let's see what you've got!"
  • "Nah brah, I'm just getting started! Let's get flexed!"
  • "Oh it's like that? Alright let's get unreasonable up in here!"
  • "Sit back and enjoy the show!"
  • "Suns out, oh Guts out!"
  • "It's the storm of the eye!"



  • He bears a slight resemblance to Larry the Lobster, a character from the animated television series: SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Thunder Tow is a pun on the term "undertow", the currents of waves near a shore.
  • Thunder Tow has the most health out of all the bosses in the Skylanders games.

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