Troll Home Security is the eighth level in Skylanders: Giants where the Skylanders go to Troll Home Security Castle to destroy the shield around Kaos' Kastle.


  • Trigger the Explosives
  • Destroy the Shield Gun

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • Crumbling Edge
  • Circle Run House
    • Element: Life
  • Coal Stack
    • Element: Life
  • Shell Shock Bastion
  • Failing Fields
  • Anchored Island
    • Element: Earth
  • Puzzling Cavern
    • Element:
  • Cheese Cavern
    • Element:
  • Tilting Tower
  • The Battlements

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Fire Sail Paint Job

Soul Gem


  • Sombrero
  • Pants Hat

Story Scroll

  • Those Wacky Arkeyans


  • Troll Home Security is meant to be kept secret, so the Generator emits an invisible, silent beam that can't be touched, or tasted.[1]


  1. Skylanders: Giants Strategy Guide - Burning Questions!, page 175

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