Troll Radio SI

The Troll Radio in Imaginators.

Troll Radios are old-fashioned radios that can be found throughout the chapters of Skylanders: Trap Team. By changing the channel, you'll hear things like dedication shows that play theme songs of the trappable villains, and occasionally win cash prizes. It is sometimes called K-TROLL Radio, with its base of operations being at Chompy Mountain. A Molekin named Rocky runs the Troll Radio station, and its DJ is the Water villain, Chill Bill.

In Skylanders: Imaginators, they have returned with a major change in appearance and now with a second DJ, Broccoli Guy. They can grant Imaginator parts such as new music themes if the Skylander matches the dials sucessfully. They are now stationed at BattleBrawl Island.


Skylanders: Trap Team

Among the different things you can hear on the Troll Radio are villain themes, random songs, cash prize promotions, and broadcasts from the K-Troll Radio station. A different newscast plays in each chapter of Trap Team.

  • Soda Springs - "This is an urgent news bulletin: Skylands' annual Soda Fest has been cancelled. All trolls are encouraged to flee the area immediately and steal as much soda as you can."
  • Know-It-All Island - "This is going out to all of you trolls listening at Know-It-All Island as a reminder to please not ask the stoneheads for relationship advice; their extremely accurate information has been known to eliminate the need for romance."
  • Chompy Mountain - "Um... Hello out there, fellow trolls. Is everyone, uh...good? Okay, thank you."
  • Phoenix Psanctuary - "???"
  • Chef Zeppelin - "This is a test of the omelet related emergency broadcast system. If this have been an actual omelet emergency, you would have heard me scream 'Ahhh, Omelet!'"
  • Rainfish Riviera - "This is Troll Radio with the latest Rainfish Riviera forecast: Lots and lots of rain. Experts claim this is due to the Rainfish, which locals claim is so sad, it cries constantly."
  • Monster Marsh - "Scientists have come up with a way to finally get rid of the curse that plagues the Poisonous Swamp of Bad Decisions. All you have to do is -" *static*
  • Telescope Towers - "To all the trolls sleeping in the vicinity of Telescope Towers: WAKE UP! The Dreamcatcher has been spotted and you don't want her in your head. Although, if you're already asleep, you probably can't hear me right now. Oh well."
  • Mystic Mill - "???"
  • Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink - "???"
  • Wilikin Workshop - "Chill Bill: You're on Troll Radio. Go ahead, caller. Kaos: He...hello? Yes, thank you, long-time listener, first-time caller. My name is...Emperor K, and I was wondering is it weird when your friends growing up are made of wood? Hm? Chill Bill: Well, I don't know you and this isn't a calling show, but yes, that is very weird."
  • Time Town - "Loud dinging noises have been heard at the Clock of Skylands. This is due to either just being a clock, or someone is messing with the very fabric of time itself."
  • The Future of Skylands - "???"
  • Operation: Troll Rocket Steal - "We trolls shall defend our floating island, no matter the cost. We shall fight on the fields. We shall fight on the beaches! Well, we don't actually have beaches. Why don't we go somewhere with beaches instead?"
  • Skyhighlands - "Attention trolls: If you should ever encounter an air pirate, don't say things like 'Yar!' They are a different kind of pirate and it will only make them angry, and they are already pretty angry to begin with."
  • The Golden Desert - "Welcome to my interview with a Chompy Worm. Thank you for coming, Chompy Worm, and let me be the first to say... AHHHHHHH!"
  • Lair of the Golden Queen - "Attention trolls: We should be nice to this Golden Queen. Bake her some cookies. Not the kind that explode, which are bombs, but the kind that you eat. Assuming, of course, you don't eat bombs."
  • The Ultimate Weapon - "Well trolls, this is it. Your old pal Chill Bill's final broadcast. Why is it my final broadcast? I don't know, actually. It's just a feeling, I suppose."
  • Midnight Museum - *yawn* "This is Troll Radio. It is very late and it just occurred to me that I am the only DJ at this station. That means that I will be here with you all night and..." *snore*
  • Sunscraper Spire - "???"
  • Nightmare Express - "This is K-FLYNN Radio, all Flynn, all the time. We will be counting down Flynn's greatest, most heroic deeds all day long, though it may take more than a day... There's just so many heroic deeds."
  • Mirror of Mystery - "Troll brothers and sisters - well, not really sisters - this is Chill Bill sending some mellow vibes your way. I'm afraid the not so mellow Evilon is planning something very uncool. Let us respond with peace, love, and maybe a bit of slight warfare."

Skylanders: Imaginators

In Imaginators, the primary function of the radio machines is to award the player with Imaginite Chests containing voice and sound effects, through a minigame where the player must match the current dials until the pin breaks, but when idle broadcasts from Broccoli Guy and Chill Bill at Battlebrawl Island can be heard. Hitting a fixed radio also makes it select a random short song, depending on the level.

Regular Broadcasts

  • (Broccoli Guy) "Hey hey, why don't you come here and get some prizes? I mean, who doesn't want that?"
  • (narration) "Don't touch that dial! You've got K-Troll on it!"

Battlebrawl Island Quotes

  • (Broccoli Guy)"I hope you brought your A-game to this arena battle - because there isn't any A-game for sale anywhere near this facility." - Arena Start
  • (Broccoli Guy)"Ok, great, Broccoli Guy is excited to call the action here. Excited, and a little bit hungry. So how about you start fighting, and I'll just go order a pizza...?"
  • (Chill Bill) "Oooh, that's nice."
  • (Broccoli Guy) "Broccoli Guy's all, what?!"
  • (Chill Bill) "Oh, that's going to leave a mark."
  • (Broccoli Guy) "Oooh, wow, Chill Bill, it's a pretty bad day to be a bad guy."
  • (Chill Bill) "Ah, the Chompy. If there is a more classic Skylands enemy, I have not heard of it."
  • (Broccoli Guy) "Uh oh, someone call an exterminator, we've got rats in the building."
  • (Chill Bill) "How come sheep are bad guys now? Or were they always bad guys and I never noticed."
  • (Chill Bill) "It looks like the Skylander is taking some "light damage", as we say in the business." - Player Damage
  • (Broccoli Guy) "Oh, the humanity!"
  • (Broccoli Guy) "One round down, at least one more to go - and I wonder what happened to that pizza I ordered? Hope it didn't get delivered to the wrong Broccoli Guy." - New Round
  • (Chill Bill) "That was excellent. I laughed, I cried, but mostly just watched in appreciation."
    • (Broccoli Guy) "I'm glad you're not laughing anymore, 'cuz frankly, it did come off as a little crazy. Still, great on you and the Skylanders." - Victory
  • (Chill Bill) "This arena is bought to you by Farmer Phil's Candy Corn Pancakes. If you can find any better candy corn pancakes, you eat it!



  • In later chapters in Trap Team, it is shown that Chill Bill is still on the radio, despite the possibility that he can be inside a trap during that same level.
  • Since the Troll Radio plays the theme songs of all Villains, it also plays dedications to Villains whom the player has yet to defeat, Chill Bill himself, and the Villains who don't appear in the Villain Vault unless captured.
  • The message played in Operation: Troll Rocket Steal spoofs Winston Churchill's "We shall fight on the beaches" speech.
  • Despite Chill Bill's message in The Ultimate Weapon that it would be his final broadcast, he'd later continue in Imaginators.
  • In Imaginators, Chill Bill's villain theme, Golden Swagger, plays during the Troll Radio minigames.
    • Though Trap Team's credits have an extensive list of licensed songs from APM Music, most of them went unused, and many would later appear in Imaginators random songs after the minigames are completed.