“His tank is his pants.”
    —Villain Vault

Trolling Thunder is one of the trappable Tech villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. As Noodles was retreating to the Nightmare Express, Trolling Thunder appeared to delay the Skylanders from following him. Armed with a huge tank, it wasn't enough to stop him from having his means of attack destroyed and trapped.


Trap Quotes

  • "Prepare to eat tread!"
  • "Reverse! Reverse! FULL POWER!!!!" - when trapping
  • "You expect me to just troll over and flip sides, huh? Very well, I accept your terms."
  • "I gotta say never did like those Doom Raiders. No discipline, and not a single Troll among em!"
  • "Armor! Advanced! HOOOOOOOO!" - coming in game
  • "Hoo-ra!"
  • "Stop! Drop! n Troll!!"
  • "Sound off!"
  • "I can't hear you!"
  • "Discussions are the burden of command, not soap! Ugh, can't stand that stuff!"
  • "Troll armor reporting for duty." - Quest

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Trolling Thunder's theme is Military Whistle, from APM Music.

Trolling Thunder theme

See also


  • His name is a play on "Rolling Thunder."
  • Trolling Thunder is one of a few villains that dislikes the Doom Raiders.
  • When in the tank, he would be considered the biggest of all trappable villains.
  • His Skystone has the same stats as Hood Sickle's.
  • He is the only villain who doesn't say a quote before the narrator says the villain is trapped.
  • He, Bruiser Cruiser, Shrednaught, and Smoke Scream are the only troll villains that remain inside of their machinery.
  • A boss in Skylanders: SuperChargers, Dread Roller, is based off of Trolling Thunder.
  • He is one of the few trappable Villains to (in this case, his tank) have parts of the armor fall off while in mid-battle.
  • One of his line "Stop! Drop! n Troll!!!" Is a play on the term "Stop! Drop! And Roll!"
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