“Deal With It!”
    —Tuff Luck's official catchphrase

Tuff Luck is a feline who is one of the Life Trap Masters in Skylanders: Trap Team.



Tuff Luck has a lot of good stuff going for her. She is all about taking chances. Like the rest of her tribe, she is also very protective of the Fortunata Springs.[1]


For many years, Tuff Luck and her tribe guarded the Fortunata Springs – the source of all good luck in Skylands. Though hidden in the Random Canyons, which move without warning to cover the hidden entrance to the magical waters, minions of Kaos located the springs and flew in sponge-tankers to drain every drop of the lucky liquid. Fortunately, Tuff Luck was patrolling the area and immediately jumped into action when she saw what was happening. Between her awesome skill and unbeatable good luck, she single-handedly drove off the minions. She then drank from the magical waters, as was custom for her tribe. Sensing a greater calling, Tuff Luck decided to leave her tribe to join the Trap Team, where she could do even more to help protect Skylands. Armed with her Traptanium Warblades, she always beats the odds – and evil – at every turn!


Light in the Dark

Tuff Luck was one of the Trap Masters sought by Gearshift to help tackle Pain-Yatta's army of candy warriors. When they managed to save a group of Mabu from the enemy, she along with the other Skylanders were forced to retreat into an old fortress, holding out until help arrives. As they were cornered by the candy army within the fortress, Tuff Luck and the other Skylanders served as Skylands' last line of defense, battling Pain-Yatta's army with all of their might. The candy army soon fell to pieces just as the Skylanders were becoming overwhelmed (thanks to the actions of the Light and Dark Skylanders in their fight against Pain-Yatta), earning the heroes their victory.


Tuff Luck can attack her enemies with her Traptanium Warblades, and even unleash waves of energy from them. She can also turn invisible in clusters of four-leaf clovers to pounce on her opponents. Upon purchasing her Soul Gem ability, she can create spiky blades of grass that attack all enemies around her.

One of Tuff Luck's notable gameplay traits is her major luck factor. When using the Warblade Stab attack, either alone or in tangent, to another ability, there is a chance that it will be charged with the energy of a rainbow, increasing the area of effect and dealing significantly more damage to enemies.

Going down the Pouncy Pounce! upgrade path improves Tuff Luck's Pounce Mode abilities. This upgrade path enhances the damage output of the clovers left behind when enemies run into the path, and also allows her to regenerate health when she hides within them. The Powerful Pounce upgrade allows her to deal significantly more damage with her Warblade Stab attack when used in Pounce Mode, enough to defeat most enemies in a single blow. This path opts for a much sneakier and safer style.

Going down the Warblade Whacker upgrade path improves Tuff Luck's Warblade attacks. This upgrade path enhances the damage output of the Glave Wave attack, and also grants her access to two new combo attacks: Lucky Spin and Wiggin' Warblade. Lucky Spin attacks all enemies around her and also creates a field of clovers for her to hide in afterwards; Wiggin' Warblade acts as an extension to her Warblade Stab attack. This path opts for a more aggressive style.




Battle Cries

  • "Deal With It!"
  • "Better luck next time!"
  • "Victory is mine!"
  • "Blades to battle!"
  • "Bring it on!"
  • "My turn!"
  • "Ready to go!"
  • "Let's roll!'
  • "I'm on a roll!"
  • "Coincidence? I think not!"
  • "Up up up!"
  • "Wheee!"
  • "Spring time!"
  • "Mean and green!"
  • "Full power!" - after levelling up
  • "Powered up!"
  • "Good fortune!" - when opening a treasure chest
  • "Lucky numbers!" - when checking stats
  • "My odds are looking good!"
  • "My new lucky hat!" - when given a hat
  • "Now that's a good look!"
  • "A charming new name!" - when given a nickname
  • "Whatever name you like."

Character Trailers



  • Her original catchphrase was "It's Your Lucky Day!". However, her toy package so far still says the phrase, hinting that Tuff Luck's catchphrase was changed very late during development.
    • This was probably the same case with Zook. Coincidentally, both are Life Skylanders.
    • In Skylanders Collection Vault, Tuff Luck's catchphrase still says "It's Your Lucky Day!", even though her catchphrase has been changed.
  • She is the third Life Skylander who can turn invisible while Stealth Elf is the first and Stink Bomb is the second.
  • Along with Bushwhack, High Five, Shroomboom, Wolfgang and Whisper Elf; she appears in the episode Fridge Smell of the satirical stop-motion animated series Robot Chicken. As it is a parody of Trap Team, however, none of the information on it is canon.
    • Unlike the others though, she is made out of clay.
  • Tuff Luck is the second female Life Skylander, while Stealth Elf is the first.
  • Tuff Luck speaks with an Irish accent.
    • This would make sense, since her concept and design appear to be inspired by the Leprechaun - a creature of Irish folklore.
  • Her appearance is similar to Cali's.
  • The name of one of her attacks, Green Thumb, is shared by Food Fight.
    • Coincidentally, both of them are Life Skylanders.
    • It is also shared with the name of one of Broccoli Guy's character cards.
  • She resembles Tigress from the Kung Fu Panda franchise.
  • Tuff Luck jumps farther than the rest of the Skylanders, which gives her a slight advantage but sometimes misses the platforms.
  • Like Stealth Elf, Tuff Luck is only ever shown at her full height during her idle animation.


  1. Skylanders Universe: The Complete Collection (2015), page 88
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