Turtles are large creatures in the console versions of the Skylanders series, notably in the games developed by Toys For Bob. They made their debut in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure where they are not enemies, but they are used like push block to solve puzzles and open up other passages. They are totally laid-back and never, ever rush anywhere (some might even call them lazy).[1]

Turtles appear in many levels of the first two games and are also found in the Ruins. Moveable Turtles will always have an arrow on their back, letting the Skylanders know in which direction they can be pushed. Only one Turtle can be pushed at a time, per character. In Skylanders: Swap Force, turtles are featured in the last three Bonus Missions. A gigantic pink turtle known as the Queen of the Turtles is also featured.

Warnado, who is also a turtle, is one of the Skylanders.

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