“Even more dangerous than a Brussels sprout.”
    —Villain Vault

Tussle Sprout is a Brussels sprout who is one of the playable Earth villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. Not long after the Skylanders had arrived at Know-It-All Island, Tussle Sprout and a gang of Plant Warriors attacked them after they destroyed a Traptainum crystal cluster and fell through a false floor. Unfortunately, he was quickly taken down and trapped.


As a trapped villain, his main attack is releasing a toxic cloud around himself that quickly expands and damages everything it hits. His secondary attack tosses a seed to the ground, which turns into a patch releasing toxic fumes. He can have up to 4 such patches active at the same time.

During his bossfight, he only uses his main attack, and it has a much greater recharge time.


  • "Let's tussle!" - when first encountering him

Trap Quotes

  • "Come on, go green!"
  • "I'm totally allergic to vortexes, A-CHOOOOOO!!!"
  • "Wow, my nose is clearing up in here? I can now smell things, mustard?"
  • "Well, I guess if the seasons can change, so can I..."
  • "I'm ripe for the picking."
  • "Sprout season!"
  • "Pollen power!"
  • "Wow, the air is so clear here I'm actually allergic to it."
  • "Let's even the sppoooooorrree!"
  • "Allergy season!"
  • "Let's Tussle!"
  • "Hey, that's me! Bring me in for that quest!" - Quest

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Tussle Sprout's theme is Whistling Grizzly, from APM Music.

Tussle Sprout theme

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  • His name is a play-on-words of Brussels sprout, a type of vegetable, and tussle.
  • Tussle Sprout is allergic to the air at Skylanders Academy.
  • He is also "totally allergic to vortexes", which is said when you trap him.
  • His voice sounds similar to one of the most prominent MGM characters, Droopy the Dog.
  • He is one of four villains who, upon being captured in a trap, vaguely reference the smell of mustard (the others are Chompy Mage, Chef Pepper Jack, and Blaster-Tron).
    • This makes Tussle Sprout the first non-Doom Raider that mentions this, with the second being Blaster-Tron.
    • He is also the first villain to reference the trap's vague smell of mustard.
  • He is currently the only plant-based playable character that isn't of the Life element.
  • In his concept art, his sprout is slightly green and orange. In game however, his sprout is colored differently.
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