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“Spell grows Rhu-Barbs.”
    —Game description

Undead Spell Punks are Undead-aligned Spell Punks that can summon Rhu-Babies as well as increasing their size, turning them into Rhu-Barbs. If the Spell Punk is defeated, the Rhu-Barbs turn back into Rhu-Babies.

In Swap Force, Undead Spell Punks have the ability to summon skeletal Trolls, and the Spell Punks have to be defeated in order for the undead trolls to stop spawning. Also, they can shoot out skulls to damage nearby Skylanders.

In SuperChargers, Undead Spell Punks behave as they did in Swap Force, but summon skeletal Greebles instead.

In Skylanders: Battlecast, Undead Spell Punks have the ability to Cryptcraft, summoning two Undead Elemental Spell Cards, and always carry a Crypt Wand, which allows them to attack alongside such spells.


  • Undead Spell Punks are replaced by Trogmanders in Giants.
  • A scarlet-colored Spell Punk of an unknown Element is usually seen assisting Undead Spell Punks in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. It summons Rhu-Babies until it's defeated.
  • In the Cryptcraft card, the Undead Spell Punk shown has orange tendril arms and mouth instead of white.

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