I am so sorry for the meme title. As we've discovered today, Skylanders: Battlecast is shutting down, and unlike what we thought at the initial annoncement, the entire game is going to become unavaliable. We had this situation before with Skylanders: Universe, and to everyone's grief, we lost much of its content forever, as few people recorded assets and footage with good quality.

We have two months, until September 1st, to record and write down anything we could possibly need for posterity, and this post will be here to track things that might need Battlecast players' attention.

Things That Are Done

  • Character Quotes - if possible, proofread to make sure every character has every avaliable line written down.
  • Scrapped Content - Several characters are known to have been cut from the cancelled expansion. As they only become known through the card artists' pages, they only need to be addded as they are discovered.
  • Card Templates - Check for missing enemy templates through the mission pages that have the correct enemy lists. These are important for both descriptions and images, as they are all digital-only.
  • Card Pictures, enemies

High Priority

  • Card Pictures - Both Skylanders and regular spells are in need of their card pictures. DO NOT upload them through the wiki's image list, use the templates to upload them through the proper page so they will display correctly. DO NOT add animated versions, as some animations remove elements entirely.
    • Complete and Verified:
      • Skylanders: Hex, Trigger Happy, Jawbreaker
  • Card Descriptions for Enemies - Check for missing enemy descriptions through the mission pages. These are important for both descriptions and images, as they are all digital-only.
    • Complete and Verified:
      • Enemies: Fire Realm, Water Realm, Undead Realm
      • Skylanders: All Templates Complete!
      • Elements: Check for missing descriptions.

Low Priority

  • Card Artwork - Most of the card artwork is found in the pages/portfolios of their respective artists. Please use references for proper credit.
  • Animated Cards - As now digital card packs are free, it is possible to add pictures of their animated(Silver/Gold) versions. Both gifs and still pictures work, but please add them to the character's gallery rather than the card template.
  • Everything else of note - Mission descriptions, features of the stages, notable animations, and poking easter egg descriptions, etc. The latter is not possible in low-spec phones, however, as poking characters in these only plays a line once per battle. There are videos on Youtube about the most notable poke animations.

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