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Water is one of the ten elements in the Skylanders series.


Water is present in all living things. Without it, few of the Elements would ever have come to exist. Water takes on many forms - a calm lake, a torrential rainfall, a furious typhoon — and Water Elementals come in just as wide a range of shapes and sizes. Vast areas of Skylands are covered in Water, and beneath the surface lie a whole host of undersea kingdoms. There are creatures living down there who haven't even found out that dry land exists, never mind set foot on it. From heroic protectors like the Gillmen to the monstrous fish like the Leviathan, Water supports and teems with all manners of life.[1]


The Life element is strongest against Water. The grass, flowers, and plants that are part of Life suck Water through their roots to give them strength. Which is great for them, but not too handy for Water.[2]


Characters who are associated with this element uses water to wash away their enemies. They also have the ability to swim through water to areas other characters, who don't wield the element of Water, can't reach. This ability however was excluded in Skylanders: Swap Force. Water-based characters and enemies have an advantage over Skylanders who wield the element of Fire in the Battle Arena. The color of this element is blue.

Water-based Skylanders also stand on a pedestal of water when they're in their toy form.

Water Elemental Characters



SWAP Force

Trap Masters






  • Water-based Skylanders are one of the three elemental characters who do not build a bridge when opening their elemental gates, the others being Air and Fire. Instead, they are pulled through a swirling whirlpool of water in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and later stop a geyser in order to pass through in Skylanders Giants.
  • The Water Skylanders were able to swim in large bodies of water in Spyro's Adventure, and in certain Heroic Challenges in Giants. However due to the absence of the bodies of water in later games, the Water Skylanders no longer hold this feature.
  • Despite being of this element, Slam Bam, Chill and Freeze Blade appear to be more Ice-based than Water-based. This is most likely because ice is frozen water.
  • Lob-Star is the first, and currently the only, Water Skylander with steam-based powers.
  • In Skylanders: Giants and Skylanders: Trap Team, the music from Leviathan Lagoon plays in the Water Elemental Zones.
  • Zap, Wham-Shell, and Punk Shock are the only Water Skylanders with electrical powers.
    • Ironically, the three all come from royalty.
  • This and Undead are the only elements to contain one Legendary LightCore figure in each.
  • Water and Tech have the same two swapabilities, Climb and Speed, namely Wash Buckler, Spy Rise, Magna Charge and Freeze Blade.
  • This and the Life element are the only elements to have two sidekicks before Trap Team.
    • Also, they both have more Starter Pack Skylanders than any other element.
  • Gill Grunt and Thumpback are currently the only Water Skylanders in the 3DS versions who can glide.
  • Thumpback, Thumpling, and Flip Wreck are currently the only Water Skylanders who are cetaceans, in other words, marine mammals.
  • The Water, Tech and Life elements have the most villains in Skylanders: Trap Team.


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