For information about stats in the other games, see the Statistics.

The level of the Skylanders in Skylanders: Universe is called "Heroic Level" and is tracked seperately from those gained on the console/3DS.

  • Level: In the webgame, the stats are raised based on the webgame level. Break objects or eat plants to increase it. The maximum level is 50.
  • Attack: Strength of weapons such as the Sky Defense cannon or the Castle Assault catapult.
  • Agility: How swiftly a Skylander can attack, such as how quickly they can shoot the Sky Defense Cannon. Also affects the length of the trajectory indicator in Castle Assault.
  • Defense: How much damage is absorbed by body and armor.
  • Luck: How quickly can be recovered from stun attacks. Is also used in other non-skill based aspects of the game, such as the how often a Skylander will have a lucky hit in Castle Assault.
  • Console Level: The level a Skylander has in the console and 3DS game. This stat isn't used in the webgame.
  • Console Money: How much money a Skylander has in the console and 3DS game. This money cannot be used in the webgame.

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